Aurora Public Schools Art Show-Aurora Town Center Mall





It’s that time of year again!  Student artwork is on display at the Aurora Mall (Town Center) from now until the 22nd.  Jewell’s panels are located on the first floor in front of the store GNC.  We have one wire sculpture that is upstairs in the vacant store located near JC Penny.  Feel free to stop by and look around! Please check the website for a list of Jewell participants.  We’re so proud of our young artists!

\Here is a list of the participants:   

Imani- 5th

Francis 4th

Diane -5th

Emilie -5th

Brandon -1st

Harmony -5th

Bertin-5th (x2)

Brooklyn-5th  (x2)

Kairi -2nd

Layla- 5th

Sarina - 5th (x2)

Charizma - 3rd

Dilara - 2nd

Jireh- 2nd

Violet - 3rd

Natalie- 2nd

Twylia - 3rd

Tyranny - 4th

Ashleyn - Kindergarten

Kevin - 1st

Jaeda - 5th

Valeria- 2nd

Lily Wall- 5th

Aubrey- 4th

Cristian - 4th

Elizabeth - Kindergarten

Aleyah- 4th

Monroe- 4th

Johanna- 5th

Seiah - 5th

Mya - 5th

Harmonie -5th

Adalia - 5th

Avianna- Kindergarten

Ashley - 4th

Asmaa - 4th