Important Reminders for Jewell Parents!!!

Just a few reminders in this busy time of year:

If your child brings a sack lunch from home, please remember to pack a drink for him or her.  Students can buy a milk, but it is seventy five cents a day.  Students must pay for milk unless they buy hot lunch; milk is included in that cost.

Free and Reduced Lunch applications must be filled out every year.  If you have not yet returned your Free and Reduced Lunch application, the cafeteria is now charging you for your child's lunch.  You should receive a bill shortly.  If you come in and apply and are approved, that bill will go away.  Please do this by Monday, Oct. 2nd!

Please respect the kiss and go or drop and go lane in our parking lot.  You may not park in this lane, it is for dropping students off and moving on.  When you leave your car, others cannot get through.  APD will be ticketing folks who park in this lane, even for just a moment.


Thank you for all you do!