Students MUST be on Time for School!

Dear Jewell Families-

We need your help!  Research shows that students who are continuously absent or tardy often struggle in school.  It is our job, as the staff at Jewell, to make sure that your children are receiving a strong education, so that they are college and career ready!  When students are late, they miss breakfast, time to socialize with peers and important academic information.  Late students also affect the success of other students, as the teacher must stop the class to welcome and orient the child who is tardy.  If a student is late for 5 minutes every day, that adds up to 25 minutes for the week and 100 minutes for the month (an hour and a half). Imagine what your child could be learning in that time!  Please help us to help your child to be successful.

If your child MUST be late, you MUST walk them into the building and sign them in.  This is for the safety of your child as there is no supervision outside after the bell rings.  Please park your car and enter to sign the student in.  We want to know that our scholars are safe at all times!