Important Information for the Week of September 19th!!!




Hello Jewell Families and Happy Wednesday!

A few reminders for this week:

Parents of third, fourth and fifth grade students who received invitations for free after school tutoring, please get those back to school as soon as possible. We are organizing classes now for a first week of October start! It will be so much fun and beneficial for our students! If you did not get an invitation this semester, we may be sending out more invites and your child may also have priority for our second tutoring session beginning in January.

We need to talk about the safety of the scholars at Jewell. Please remember the rules when dropping students off in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon. Each of these rules is for the safety of all of our children. We have observed a number of close calls recently when the rules were not being followed. It is our first priority to keep our scholars safe at Jewell:

There is no supervision before 7:30 in the morning. Students should not be dropped off any earlier than 7:30 in the morning.
Students who do not walk or take the bus MUST be picked up at 2:15 or enrolled in the YMCA after school care.
You may not drop your child when going east and let them cross through traffic. Park and walk them to the crosswalk.
Please do not allow students to cross the road anywhere but the crosswalk.
The kiss and go lanes in the parking lot are just for that. Please do not park your car, leave your car or shut off the engine. You may pull up to the curb, let your child out, blow them a kiss and drive away from the curb.
Please do not block the bus lane in any way, shape or manner.
U-TURNS are clearly marked as illegal and are dangerous to our students.
If your student is late, you must come sign them in in the office.
Once again, these rules are for the safety of our scholars. Please help us to help our scholars safe!


Please fill out Free and Reduced Lunch paperwork by this Friday September 19th.  We have one page paper applications in the office if you need them!

As always, thank you!