Student Policies

Visitation by older children not enrolled at Jewell – If you have an older child who comes to Jewell after school to pick up younger brothers and sisters or to visit their favorite teacher, please remind them that their behavior on the school grounds must be appropriate and that they must still follow the current student rules. Remind them that they need to wait for their brother or sister off of Jewell's school grounds. They can wait across the street or in the park. They will not be allowed on school property until the bell rings at 4:00 pm. There is no adult supervision until 4:00 pm. If they have to come into the building, they must sign in at the office first.

Dress Code – As warm weather approaches, we begin to think about bringing our spring and summer clothing out and start putting away our winter clothing for another season. Here are the guidelines for appropriate attire at Jewell:

  • Shirts displaying or advertising alcohol or drugs are not acceptable. Shirts with profanity, gang logos or terminology or other inappropriate themes are not allowed.

  • Clothing must cover stomachs, behinds and chests.

  • We discourage all students from wearing sandals. Sandals interfere with activities planned for our Physical Education program, and are just not very safe when students are at recess.

  • Any type of head gear of any kind, is not allowed inside Jewell. However, students may wear a hat during recess to protect the head and face from the sun.

  • No handkerchiefs are allowed to be worn around any part of the body (ie: arms, legs, belt loops, necks, head….)

We are asking parents and students to use their good judgment. Students not complying with appropriate attire will be asked to call parents to pick them up from school or to bring them a change of clothing

Arrival and Departure – Students are asked to arrive at 7:30 if they plan to eat breakfast, and by 7:45 if they will not be eating. Instruction starts at 7:45 so please ensure your student arrives in time to eat and not be rushed. At the end of the day, students are to leave from their grade level doors and leave the school grounds promptly. Parents who pick up their students early are required to sign them out from the office. We will not do early release after 1:30 as the end of the school day can be so chaotic. If you need to get your student early please plan to do so before 1:30 or wait to get them at the 2:15 dismissal time.

Access to the building – All persons except Jewell staff and students are required to sign in at the office before proceeding to another part of the building. This is for the safety and protection of all children. If you plan to visit your child’s classroom, please be courteous and arrange a convenient time (24 hours notice) with your child’s teacher.

Attendance – Children cannot learn when they are not in school. If a child’s absence is not caused by illness or injury or approved by the school principal, the absence will be considered unexcused. State truancy statutes now cover children ages six to 16. Excessive tardies also fall under truancy statutes. Jewell Elementary school hours are 7:45 am to 2:15 pm. If at all possible, try to schedule doctor/dentist appointments on a day that your child is out of school. The attendance number is 303-326-1620. In elementary school when a child is not in class, they miss out on direct instruction and lots of guided practice. Instruction begins the very first minute the students enter their classroom. This instruction cannot be made up by doing work at home as a lot of the learning takes place in the classroom with the teacher. Parents can help us move closer to our goal in many ways including:

  1. Encouraging your child(ren) by talking about the importance of being in school so they will not miss out.

  2. Planning ahead so doctor/dentist appointments can be scheduled late in the day, or on no-school days.

  3. Waking up early so your child is NOT LATE for school.

  4. Having children take the responsibility to be ready on time each morning.

  5. Setting early bedtimes so your child(ren) get plenty of rest.

  6. Keeping your child(ren) home ONLY when the student is sick.

  7. Taking vacation only during the scheduled school vacation times.

Tardies - When students come to school late, they miss out on the essential information and directions the teacher gives to set the stage for the day of learning. When parents allow their child to be tardy frequently, it subtly gives the child the message that promptness is not important and responsibility to be on time is not valued. Students need the message that “School is important and you must be there on time.” It is very important for students to arrive at school on time, for their safety and educational benefit. When a child arrives late they may have missed the crossing guard and have to cross the street unattended. When a child comes into the classroom late, the teacher may have already gone over important instructions for the day. Either the entire class must hear the same instructions again or the teacher must take special time away from the class to explain the instructions to the tardy child. In either case, those on time are losing valuable instructional time due to another student’s tardiness.