APS Now Offers Centralized Admissions!  To register your child for school at Jewell Elementary, please visit the new Centralized Admissions site at 1085 Peoria St.

Please do not come to Jewell Elementary to register your child for school.

With APS' new centralized admissions, the following documents are needed for registration:

  • PHOTO I.D. OF PARENT/GUARDIAN driver’s license or any other photo I.D. is acceptable.
  • DOCUMENTATION OF CHILD’S DATE OF BIRTH - Please bring ONE of the following:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Hospital Certificate
    • Physician’s Certificate
    • Baptismal or Church Certificate
    • Valid Passport

    NOTE: Kindergarteners must be 5(five) years old by October 1st.  First graders must be 6(six) years old by October 1st.

    1. If you own your home, please bring ONE of the following:
      • Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, or Bill of Sale
      • Purchase contract with possession date (not closing date)
      • Current gas or electric bill under your name – last or current month
      • Adams or Arapahoe County tax bill for current year
    2. If you rent, please bring ONE of the following:
      • Signed Lease or Rental Agreement
      • Notarized letter from landlord
    3. If you are living with another family – ALL of the following are required:
      • A notarized letter from the owner of the home with whom you live stating the length of time you will be staying.
      • Proof of address from the owner of the home. (See required documents above)
      • Proof you live at that address (i.e.: bank statement, insurance statement, new Colorado drivers license receipt, forwarded mail from your previous address to your new address etc.)
  • IMMUNIZATION RECORDS – Required by state law  View Immunization Requirements 
    • Name, address, phone, and fax number of previous school
    • Withdrawal date from previous school
    • Transcripts for students entering middle or high schools

For more information visit the Centralized Admissions Web site.