At Jewell Elementary, we realize that we live in an ever changing world. It is our job to teach children 21st Century skills to prepare them to be career and college ready.

It is no longer important what information our children know, but that they know how to read and where to find new information, discern its credibility and form their opinions and thoughts from it. The presentation of a student’s thoughts is a skill that all children must have. These are skills that we must expose children to for them to be successful in career and college. To that end, we make sure that all students at Jewell are exposed to, and have the ability to use, technology in every classroom every day.

Each classroom at Jewell has Boxlights that the teacher uses for direct instruction and to increase the engagement in learning for his/her students. This board is used to do interactive activities or to expose students to information that they may not regularly have access to.

Each student has a Chromebook which students use to publish work, complete research, practice math facts and skills and complete projects (power points, blogs, animotos, podcasting, brochures, prezzis, etc).

As technology continues to improve, it is our commitment at Jewell to keep up with trends and to make sure that our students have everything that they need to be career and college ready.

Girls Tech Camp