Family Information


At Jewell we know it is very important that staff, students and families all have the same information. You will find the Jewell Student and Parent Handbook Here Please make sure you take the time to read and discuss with your students.


Parent coffees are held in the Jewell cafeteria …. once every month. Besides delicious bagels, muffins and coffee, parents are treated to a student presentation, quest speakers and a workshop. Community resource information is shared as to ESL classes taught in the area as well as health information. It’s a great opportunity for parents to meet each other and find out how they can be part of their school.


Los café para los padres están en la cafetería de Jewell. Tenemos el café una vez que cada mes. Tenemos bagels delicioso, molletes y café y los padres son tienen la oportunidad de ver la presentación por estudiantes, oír a unos altavoces de búsqueda y asistir a un taller. La información de recurso de comunidad es compartida en cuanto a clases ESL enseñadas en la información de salud así como área. Esto es una gran oportunidad de padres para encontrar el uno al otro y averiguar como ellos pueden ser la parte de su escuela.


Box Tops

Boxtops for Education

Please turn in your Box Tops for Education coupons to the front office. Jewell will receive 10 cents for every coupon we redeem. Coupons are found on General Mills products. This is a great and easy way to raise money for Jewell students!

Target REDcard

Every time you use your Target REDcard, 1% of your purchase comes back to Jewell! Make sure you stop by the REDcard kiosk and tell them that you belong to the Jewell community

Target Red Card